Issue 5: COURAGE – Digital


If you missed out on pre-ordering a physical copy of Issue 05, you have another option! You will receive a downloadable PDF with this purchase, which can be read on any e-reader.

*30% of this purchase will go to the Alaska COVID-19 Response Fund at The Alaska Community Foundation, which goes directly to nonprofits that provide critical services to communities and individuals throughout the state of Alaska.*



Summer 2020 is all about COURAGE. This comes in many forms of course–courage could be climbing a mountain, or it could be following your heart to make a difficult choice. We all have our own metric for what courage means to us, and no matter the β€œsize” of the act, courage requires us to dig deep inside ourselves. Sometimes it’s a quick moment–a flash decision; sometimes we have to build up to it. Alaskans are full of courage, in all its forms, and this Issue is a celebration of that.

Inside you will find raw, honest, and endlessly beautiful stories from Alaskan women, as well as artwork and photography by local creatives.

  • Full color pages
  • PDF Format
  • Release date: June 26, 2020