Now accepting submissions for Winter 2022 (Issue 10)

Our theme for Issue 10 is SYNCHRONICITY.

Have you ever experienced something that felt meaningful, but that you couldn’t quite explain? Psychology Today describes synchronicity as a phenomenon in which people interpret two separate—and seemingly unrelated—experiences as being meaningfully intertwined, even though there is no evidence that one led to the other or that the two events are linked in any other causal way. The concept was first introduced by analytical psychologist Carl G. Jung in the late ’20s/early ’30s. It’s been difficult for science to explain this idea of coincidences that can feel quite supernatural.

It’s a big word for those little moments that we’ve probably all had: Thinking about someone you haven’t talked to in years, and then receiving a text from them; seeing the same numbers while going about your day; making a connection between events that feels like a sign. At times, it can be difficult to talk about these things because it’s hard to explain what they mean, but we want you to try! Let’s load up this Issue with unexplainable moments of magic. ✨


Submissions are due October 2nd, 2022.

Submission Guidelines


Topics should be relative to the theme of the current Issue, but all content should meet the standards of our mission and not have been published elsewhere (in print or digital form). We are a diverse community, and as such we’d like to hear tales of everything from the first time you remember feeling the quiet of snow, to finding ways to dress “professionally” for -10º weather. If your piece doesn’t quite fit the theme, we will ask if you’d like us to keep it in mind for future issues.


The Wildheart voice is candid, open, warm, and humorous. We may work with you on edits for tone, flow, and grammar to maintain consistency throughout the magazine. If your piece is selected for publication, you should expect several rounds of editing.


Written formats can range from personal essay, to interview, to humor, to fiction. Long-format pieces are preferred, but there may be a place for short pieces at times. If you have photos that you believe will greatly benefit your story, please let us know with your submission. Our team is very specific about art direction and image selection, so know that we will run what we think is best alongside your printed piece. (A note on pitches: While we may be interested in pitches from time to time, we are primarily looking for complete works. If you have an idea, feel free to send it–just know that we may not send you personal feedback.)

**Starting with Issue 06, we will not be individually replying to submissions. Instead, we will only email you if we have selected your piece for publication. Thank you for understanding!**


Please send your work to and include the following:


An attention-grabbing subject. This is your first impression; it’s a good spot for a possible title to your piece.


A short and sweet 2-4 sentence bio. If your submission is selected for publication, this may be placed at the end of your piece (if there is room in the layout).


Your full piece in the body of the email. No attachments please–they can be fickle! (Bonus points for including links to your other published work.)


Please keep submissions under 2,000 words, unless we’ve previously discussed writing something shorter or longer. Our ideal story length is 1,200-1,500 words.


Have a keen eye, a solid style, and want an opportunity to be published? Send a note to with a few of your very best images (or a link to your portfolio). We are always looking for creatives to team up with for stories and themes, and at times may solicit specific image needs.


Wildheart is currently operating on a volunteer basis. As such, accepted submissions will not be compensated at this time, but we will credit and thank you to the best of our ability (and at the very least, buy you a cup of coffee!). It is our hope that a recurring relationship with contributors will lead to future perks and payment. We want to support our creative community, and will make every effort to do so!